[Header("Hjalte Tagmose")]

string name = "Hjalte Tagmose";

int age = 20;

string about = "http://www.realfast.dk/about/";

Class primaryClass = Class.Programmer;

Class secondaryClass = Class.Artist;

Class tertiaryClass = Class.Writer;

string[] links = new string[]








//In order of coolness

Codename Hackerman, a stealth game about hacking

Despot Dungeons, a 1-Bit Roguelike Puzzler

Defuser 4000, a janitor game about defusing bombs (jam)

The Replacement, an interrogation game (jam)

Dancers of Rhythm Castle, a rhythm game about dance and love (jam)

The Neverending Fountain of Puke, a puking game about metal (jam)

Hitch Bird, a bird game about eating bees(jam)

Ministry of Truth Employee, an orwellian game about corruption (jam)

The Late Fee, a space game about returning VHS tapes (jam)

Houdini Plumbing, an escape-room game about plumbing (jam)

Last Minute Assignment, a game about last minute homework

Hack And Drive, a driving hacking game (jam)

Mirror, a first game about mirrors

The Quest for the Golden Sword, a game about finding a golden sword

Astro Tube, a music game about space lasers

Cat Tales, a game about a house cat in an alley (jam)

Station 5, a firefighting game in Seattle

Escape From Finger Castle, a platformer with fingers (jam)

Daffodil Village, a horrifyingly cute game (jam)

ASCHII Space Commander, a textbased realtime 2D shooter CMD game (jam)

The Blind Burglar, an echolocation game about stealing (jam)

Robo Drainer, a platformer about power (jam)

The Transmogrifier, a game about turning things into other things (jam)

VR King, a game about being king in VR (jam)

Necro Chasm, a zombie game about killing zombies (jam)

Nightcrawler, a monster game about eating people (jam)

A Message Home, a political top-down game about scarfs (jam)

Enter Dimension Tau, a dimension switching game about bugs (jam)


[Header("Other Stuff")]

Pixel Art, a portfolio about pixel art

Boner Cop, a screenplay about a cop with a magic dong

Detective Jane, a screenplay about a new detective


[Header("Education & Experience")]


2013-2014: Hoejer Design Efterskole (grades)

2014-2017: GameIT College (grades)

2017-2017: Matematik A GSK (grades)


2015(3 mos): Internship at Zaxis (level design in Unity)

2016(8 mos): Programmer at  Nebula Studios (C# in Unity)

2017-18(9 mos): UI Designer & Programmer at Invisio (XAML + C#)

2018 (4 mos): UI Consultant at Invisio (XAML + C#)

2018 (4 mos): Tech Teacher at NNY (JavaScript + C# in Unity)